We want to help our customers to find the right luggage.

Hard-shell cases are becoming increasingly popular and can often be seen at the airports.

The advantages:

  • robust and resistant - when transporting at the airport is sometimes not handled carefully with your suitcase
  • very well protected against rain
  • Rollers can be incorporated into the bowl to reduce breakage during transport
  • Separate packing because the suitcases are usually made in two equal halves
  • Hard case with zipper are lightweight
  • Hard-shell case without zipper but with flaps are robust and very well protected against moisture and humidity and protect sensitive items during transport

The disadvantages:

  • can be heavy depending on the material
  • The shell can still break depending on the material with very rough handling during transport
  • no front pocket
  • in some models no extension as in Stoffkoffern available
  • Zippered hard case is usually not well protected against moisture
  • Hard case with flaps are usually very heavy and the approved size of max. 158 cm in total (standard - very well suited for a journey of 2-3 weeks) can be very well filled the total weight of 23 kg on economy flights exceed



  • a cost-effective thermoplastic plastic as Poycarbonat
  • not as impact-resistant and robust as polycarbonate
  • can break more easily like polycarbonate
  • is used for very cheap suitcases


  • lightweight and durable plastic
  • shockproof
  • more expensive in the production
  • resists large temperature fluctuations
  • In very rough handling, this hard shell can rarely break


  • very robust and resistant
  • resists large temperature fluctuations
  • almost not get broken
  • a little heavier in its own weight
  • with zipper lighter than with flaps and frame


  • a patented development by Samsonite
  • consisting of polypropylene
  • It is made in a special process, a plastic braid
  • very light and robust
  • expensive in the production
  • it is hardly possible to break this material


We recommend hard-shell cases made of polypropylene or Curv material. They can withstand any transport and are very light with a zipper.