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Giovanni Roncato has been at his father's side since childhood. This was active since the 40s in the leather goods sector. Giovanni quickly learned his craft, developing the ability to anticipate and interpret travelers' needs like a true pioneer.

Later, in the 70s, the Valigeria Roncato Spa, whose co-founder and current president is Giovanni Roncato, was born. The application of a conveyor belt, the first in Europe in this industry, marked an important turning point and made the Valigeria Roncato the world's largest manufacturer of briefcases.

In the 1990s, Giovanni Roncato's innovative spirit led the company to take another big step forward: manufacturing in Italy the so-called "hard-shell suitcase" made of injected polypropylene. This, too, contributed greatly to making the Valigeria Roncato the leader in its sector both in Italy and abroad.

In the 80s, production continued to develop. With an increasingly solid experience and a constant drive to create innovative products that meet travelers' needs, the company soon launched new items, such as nylon and polyester cases and travel bags, taking new market share. Over the next twenty years, increasing the production of fiber-optic cases and briefcases has led to significant growth for the company, eventually bringing it to its current market-leading position.

Sphera, the only suitcase you can push with one finger, was the groundbreaking inspiration of the early '90s, resulting in production of more than a million pieces. In the following years, the line followed teenagers, a fresh and colorful line dedicated to the youngest travelers and the Venice line with its elegant and refined style.

In 2000, then, the hour of the revolution hit with the Trolley Shuttle, the first Made in Italy with patented grip and locking system. Flexi was born in 2004, and thanks to its lightness and ability to rotate 360 ​​°, it was able to satisfy even the most demanding travelers. Since then, the RV RONCATO brand has continued to evolve, offering consumers new, specific collections: polypropylene hard-shell luggage, well-organized soft luggage, office and briefcases and smaller, classy leather goods.

Last year, Roncato UNO SL was launched, a series that represents the peak power of the current Made in Italy production. It is a series of polyurethane suitcases characterized by great functionality and select design: a perfect combination of lightness, durability, safety, comfort and design. It is a highly innovative product protected by industrial patents. The current production of polypropylene and polycarbonate cases still takes place in the company's first plant.

The RV RONCATO brand continues to invest in research and development to create new products that meet the needs of the marketplace. Today, the Roncato family attaches great importance to the highest quality. This is proven by ISO 9001 certification, Made in Italy production, the use of innovative, high-level technologies and strict internal controls. The passion and the know-how, which have developed from generation to generation, the endeavor to always create authentic and more environmentally friendly products and the relationships with the people are the pluses, through which the family Roncato and thus the brand RV Raise and distinguish Roncato.

RV RONCATO is currently represented in 52 countries around the world. Its various production sites and logistics locations occupy a total surface area of ​​more than 25,000 m².

Today, Giovanni Roncato and his 4 children Enrico, Cristiano, Alessandra and Andrea are increasingly convinced that research and development, quality and style of products, environmental friendliness and qualified and knowledgeable staff are the necessary conditions to reach the market to be able to compete and meet all market requirements. Buy Roncato Cases, Trolleys & Backpacks cheap