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D-Box by Roncato - The perfect hand luggage with an external compartment

This carry-on trolley has it all. Here are two cases in one.

First of all, this carry-on suitcase is the IATA 55x40x20 cm with a useful outside pocket.

Second, you can use this external compartment as a slimming and as a handy laptop bag.

Now ask yourself what benefit do you have.

Imagine that you are waiting for boarding and now you will be asked by the flight crew to hand in your carry-on baggage for safety reasons on booked short-haul flights. Now you have the opportunity to take your laptop and personal belongings safely through the removable outer pocket in the cabin. Since your carry-on suitcase has been made sturdy and stable, it will withstand rough handling during transport.

The added benefit of the removable front pocket would be to stow your suitcase in the hotel or office during a business trip, so you can easily carry your laptop with you.

Conveniently and in style you travel with this special carry-on D-Box from Roncato .