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The We Are collection represents the strong identity of Rv Roncato that is evident in the design and production of innovative and original travel cases.

Roncato's identity has been built on decades of made in italy products and is known around the world.

After many years of research and development, Valigeria Roncato has succeeded in developing this product,

THE LIGHTEST AND STRONGEST Roncato suitcase with a revolutionary design ever made.
The material from which the We Are collection is made is the unique combination of several interconnected materials made of polypropylene.
This combination has never been made before. This formula has been tested several times in the laboratories.

We Are is the innovation of one of the lightest and robust cases from Roncato.

The 10-year guarantee rounds off the trust that Roncato has in these cases.

The attention to detail makes the collection unique and absolutely incomparable.

PP COMPRESSED MATRIX consists of 100% polypropylene material,
This enables a very strong but extremely light case to be made.

PP COMPRESSED MATRIX material consists of layers of woven polypropylene fabric that are formed into self-reinforced composite panels.
These panels are light but strong and resistant to different temperatures and rough handling during transport.