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Well-equipped with a luggage scale and a travel belt before you travel

Good preparation is the cornerstone of a successful and relaxed journey. This starts with the packing of the suitcase. To avoid nasty surprises on arrival, care should be taken to pack the suitcase neatly. In our online shop you will find the right travel accessories to help you to be well prepared for your trip - no matter whether business or family trip. Even surprises at the airport you are immune because of the use of our digital Luggage scale prevents taking too much luggage.

Order in suitcase

In addition to the digital luggage scale, our online shop also offers numerous organizer sets that are ideal for Suitcase care. The sets are matched to the size of our available cases and available in different versions. The SuitSuit Fab Fifties Packing Cube Set L, for example, was designed for our large suitcases and consists of four parts. The sets are available in the colors 'Cream Mango' and 'Paisley Purple'. Depending on their size, they consist of three or four pockets in different sizes. Garments such as underwear, T-shirts and pants and toiletries are safely stowed away. The sets are also available for suitcases that are not from our shop and also in many other designs, such as floral patterns or animal print.

After packing the suitcase, check its weight to meet the weight specifications at the airport. Our digital luggage scale is perfect for that. At home, weight can be checked with the luggage scale. In the suitcase, the luggage scale takes up little space. This allows you to simply take the luggage scale with you and check with her in the hotel, the weight of the suitcase when the return flight is pending.

Accessories for the safety of the case

Often, a particular situation at the airport already causes stress. After the flight you spend a feeling of eternity waiting for your suitcase and in the end everyone looks the same. This does not happen with a belt. Our Hama 2-way seat belt can be attached vertically and horizontally to the case and is available in different sizes. The suitcase belt and the luggage scale are ideal conditions for a successful trip. In addition, the travel baggage be sure to comply with the requirements of the various airlines in order to avoid additional charges. Most passengers are allowed to carry two pieces of luggage with them. The prescribed total weight of suitcases is approximately 23 kilograms.

Advantages in our shop

No matter if luggage scale or organizer set. The order in our shop has many advantages. In the stationary shop we offer a comprehensive consultation and the possibility of pickup. In addition, we attach great importance to warranty and repair services. When ordering in our shop, the free shipping is guaranteed from an order value of 50.00 CHF and you can be up to 16:00 clock on the arrival of the products on the same day. < / p>

If there are other issues you want to clarify, call us or contact us via email. Alternatively, visit us in our shop in Kloten and benefit from our expert advice!