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Satch pencil case not only well sorted, also really nice

Geodreieck, fountain pen and fountain pen cartridges, compass, pencil and calculator and much more you will now need. If you are looking for a pencil case that is not only practical and functional, you have come to the right place. The Satch pencil cases match your Satch school backpack and your own style. The large mess boxes and the space-saving pen boxes are well thought out, attention to detail and adapted to your needs. Both models are available in many great colors, motifs and patterns. Find your favorite design here and off you go!
Schlamperbox and PenBox offer plenty of storage space for your utensils

Satch has two models, the Satch SchlamperBox and the Satch PenBox.

The Satch Schlamperboxes offers extra space, at the same time you can easily keep your pencil case tidy. The lid of the can be opened and closed quickly and easily. Inside you will find a zipped compartment in which you can stow your ID, small change and other important things. The hinged insert underneath offers protection for your triangle and also contains a compartment for the timetable and space for the filler cartridges. There is still room for your pens in the spacious compartment underneath.

If the mess box is too big, the Satch PenBox might fit better. The large main compartment is perfect for your pens, while the bottom pocket has enough storage space for your triangle and fountain pen cartridges. There is also an extra compartment here, for example for your pocket calculator. So all your utensils are always quickly at hand.

Satch pencil cases are uncomplicated and conscientiously produced

They are made from recycled PET bottles and are free from harmful chemicals. In addition, the recycled textiles are easy to clean and water-repellent. Three small 0.5l PET bottles are reused for a junk box. This protects nature and you even make a contribution to the environment by purchasing it.