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Sports bag buy cheap - comfortable, light and effective

Especially in the warm seasons sports activities are an important factor in the lives of many. It does not matter whether it's football, the lake or the fitness center or whether you want to get your bikini / swimming costume figure - the sports bag is the perfect companion for traveling and everyday life. Designed specifically for athletes looking for a lightweight yet durable bag wished they could easily transport their sportswear. But these have become more and more integrated into everyday life and are now produced in a variety of forms. If you want to buy an efficient and at the same time fashionable sports bag, you will find it by Koffer-Schweiz.

The following types are available:

  • with carrying handle and shoulder strap
  • with roles
  • hardshell sports bag
  • Sports Bags

    The best of the sports bags? You can try them in our local store in Kloten, compare and benefit from our professional advice. In addition, you can easily pick up your sports bag there, if you have ordered them in our online shop. As an alternative, we offer a free shipping (from an order value of 50.00 CHF) on the day of your order, if you order by 16 clock.

    The classic sports bag with carrying handle

    Who does not know her? The model has carrying handles and a shoulder strap. They are made from the following synthetic fibers that regulate moisture and provide a comfortable climate inside the bag:

    • nylon
    • polyester
    • PU Polyester

      These attributes make up the typical sports bag that has been firmly established in the market since the 1990s at the latest. The style is based on carrier bags, which facilitate the transport of sportswear. The bags are equipped with numerous zipper and velcro fasteners, compartments and carabiner rings, which allow the attachment of a carrying strap. If you want to buy a sports bag from us, you can then use our warranty and repair services. If your bag is damaged or needs to be replaced completely, we are at your side. Contact via e-mail or telephone is quick and easy with such requests.

      Travel even easier with the sports bag

      If you want to buy a comfortable sports bag, a sports bag is an effective way to do it. Compared to a sports bag, these are lighter and can be worn over their cords as a backpack. In addition, sports bags fit perfectly in your hand luggage and can be closed and opened quickly.

      When ordering a sports bag, you can choose from a variety of patterns and colors that are sporty, elegant, minimalist, or artistic. If you want to get your sports bag as soon as possible, you should choose our optional express shipping, which allows deliveries on Saturdays.

      Traveling with a sports bag

      If you buy a sports bag at our Online Shop from Koffer-Schweiz, you should pay attention to the size, if you want to travel with it. Bags, with or without wheels, are an ideal travel bag for the hand luggage, as long as you do not exceed the typical carry-on dimensions of 55 cm x 40 cm x 25 cm. If the bag is bigger, you will have to pay up to 55 Euro depending on the airline.

      Do you have any further questions? Then you can reach us by phone or e-mail!