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Samsonite Lite Shock - The Flyweight

With the Lite Shock case series, Samsonite has developed the lightest yet most durable case among the Curvs. Lite Shock combines minimal weight with maximum impact strength and robust texture. An extremely lightweight collection is the result of combining the self-reinforcing design with ultralight, highly comfortable trim details - setting new standards!
Interested parties can order all of the Samsonite Lite-Shock cases in our online shop. If you want, you can visit and test the luggage in our shop.

Samsonite Lite-Shock - lighter and more beautiful

Using the Samsonite Lite-Shock results in tremendous weight savings. So even the big Samsonite Lite Shock 75 4 wheel weighs only 2.5 kilograms. Thanks to the easy-running wheels and the drawbar - which is ergonomically shaped and provided with a soft grip - the suitcases can be easily moved. Very convenient for traveling to the US is the integrated TSA lock.
Samsonite Lite-Shock - luggage in four versions

  • Lite-Shock 55 4 wheel
  • Lite-Shock 69 4 Rad
  • Lite-Shock 75 4 wheel
  • Lite-Shock 81 4 Rad

    The luggage Samsonite Lite-Shock 55 4 wheel are perfect as hand luggage and have a volume of about 36 liters. The three largest examples Samsonite Lite-Shock 69 4 Rad, Samsonite Lite-Shock 75 4 Rad and Samsonite Lite-Shock 81 4 wheel, which have a volume of up to 124 liters, are intended for longer journeys.