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Showing 1 - 60 of 1720 items
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Whether you are traveling for a short or long time, whether by car, plane or train, whether you are traveling with lots or little luggage - you will find the right suitcase online! We will deliver you brand case for any occasion and shipping free.

With us you get suitcases in various designs, in many sizes, colors and from the most diverse materials. Our range includes

Hard case
Carrying case
Hand luggage suitcase
children suitcase
Business suitcase
Beauty Cases

Most of our suitcases are equipped with handy castors and all come from well-known brands. These include not only global players such as Samsonite, Travelite and Victorinox, but also small but particularly fine Swiss labels such as Margelisch and Vargu.
Hard case - robust case for special requirements

Whether you want to move your suitcase upright or crosswise, on two or four rollers, just on air travel, it is important that it is stable and comes after landing safely from the luggage strap. The best way to do this is to use our rugged hard shell cases. Depending on the length of travel or personal luggage, we offer you an extensive selection of hard shell cases of different sizes and made of different materials. Most models are equipped with the TSA lock prescribed in the United States. In doing so, they ensure not only the necessary security but also a smooth entry into the USA.
Soft case - soft, flexible shell, hard to take

If you often travel by train or by your own car, you may prefer a cloth suitcase. These are often perceived to be less bulky and can also be stored in the trunk or luggage compartment due to their flexible design even in confined spaces. Among our suitcases you will also find hybrid models with a rigid back shell and otherwise flexible body. Our suitcases are usually equipped with two or four wheels and a retractable pull handle.
Hand luggage suitcase - the perfect (flight) companion

If you are traveling to your baggage limits on air travel, there is only one thing that can help you get the baggage in terms of size and weight as much as possible. Our hand luggage cases all move below the IATA recommended hand luggage size of 25 × 45 × 56 cm. Please note, however, that the regulations of the individual airlines may differ! Above all low-cost airlines sometimes fall short of these dimensions, for these cases we also have smaller hand luggage on offer. Before you travel, make sure to read the regulations in order to avoid nasty surprises! Also the permissible weight can vary considerably and usually moves between 5 and 12 kg.
Children's suitcase - child-friendly design & particularly light

In the morning, whoever wants to become a master of traveling! That is why it is not a bad idea to equip the next generation with a suitcase of their own, for which it is (in addition to a little baggage) the responsibility to bear. For children, we have models on offer, which are not only matched to the size of their wearers, but also in shape and color. Our children's suitcases are usually equipped with castors and telescopic handles.
Business case - for business travel, business meetings & co.

Our business suitcases and business trolleys are made for people who are on the road a lot. They not only offer space for notebooks, documents, file folders, and perhaps a change-of-shirt, but also, of course, accommodate the indispensable work means, the laptop. All our business suitcases are characterized by a stable construction, the safety standards that are particularly important in this area and are equipped with castors and a telescopic handle.
Beautycases - for the always perfectly styled appearance no matter where

For the lady of the world we offer beautycases, which not only meet practical requirements, but also satisfy aesthetic requirements more than enough! Their feminine design makes them stand out from other items of luggage and take everything women need to look good at all times. Please note, however, that the beautycases - at least with the usual contents - do not belong to air travel, since vessels with liquids and creams over 100 ml are in breach of the safety regulations!
Last Minute Brands at the lowest prices

No, under "Lastminute" you will not find the suitcase for particularly urgent, but particularly attractive prices. If you want to buy a piece of luggage online at a very low price, look around here, the products in our last minute range are partly reduced in price. More luggage for less money just does not go!