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Trunks for all purposes with suitcase Switzerland

Are you planning a short break or a long vacation trip? Then a travel case is indispensable for you . You must all safely store and transport your personal belongings so that you have all the items you need to enjoy the holiday without any problems. If you want to buy a suitcase, then you can choose from a wide range of different variants. Here at Koffer-Schweiz you will find everything from News , < a href = "" target = "_ blank"> Pilot case to shopping trolleys .

Robust Companion Hard Case

Our hard case cases have a hard outer shell made of sturdy plastic or aluminum. This makes them very hard-wearing and can withstand even the bumpiest travel routes. As a result, your travel items are well protected. They are also partially dust and waterproof. Our hard case cases are available in colorful designs, elegant finishes or with colorful and chic designs - like Marvel, Mickey Mouse or Star Wars. Here is the right model for everyone - whether young or old!

Lightweight and able to cope with all hardships - cloth case

If you want to buy low-priced travel cases, you can grab a cloth case , This is light but durable. So your items, despite the low weight, well protected against external influences. Since the cover of fabric cases is yielding, they can be stowed well even in tight spaces - for example in the trunk or luggage net. In the past, these suitcases were also called airbags because they were often used for air travel because of their low weight.

Elegance guaranteed - our business suitcases

Do you often go on business trips? Then our business case is the right choice for you! If you buy a suitcase, it is as small as possible and still has plenty of storage space. Our business cases have many compartments that you can use to stow files, documents and laptops. Thanks to their suitable dimensions, these can be used as hand luggage and thus - without any problems - also be used on air travel. Business cases are mostly built as a trolley, with a retractable handle and 2 wheels.

Fitting every occasion - our luggage sets

Our luggage sets are made up of different case sizes. It usually contains three parts: a suitcase, a medium and a large suitcase. Our suitcases in the set are cheaper than the purchase of individual pieces. If you purchase one of our sets, you have a suitcase for every occasion - whether short break, business trip or long vacation. If you want to buy travel case, is well advised with a suitcase set.

Travel comfortably - suitcase with 2 or 4 castors

If you want to buy cheap travel cases, you should definitely opt for luggage with high quality and robust wheels . These often have to survive long distances - within an airport, but also on the way there or on the way to the hotel. A piece of luggage without wheels - even with little weight quickly becomes a burden, especially if you need to change and have little time. Suitcase with 2 wheels are mostly used as trolleys designated. Many hardshell cases have 4 roles so they can are very manoeuvrable.

Why buy travel cases in the online shop?

In our online shop you will find a large selection of matching luggage and you can buy there the selected travel case low. In addition, with our regular actions we offer you cheap and good deals for you You can afford your dream bag !

Shopping is easy 24/7 from home. When shipping customers have the choice between two options. If you want, you can have the suitcase sent home free of charge. If the order is received before 4 pm, it will be shipped the same day. If you do not want to wait that long, you can buy the suitcase online and pick it up at the store. There is also a personal advice.

Traveling without a hassle - you will find tips on travel cases here

All airlines specify a maximum weight for baggage. It is between 10 kg and 50 kg. For frequent travelers, a luggage scale is a useful accessories. The packed suitcase is hung on the spring scale and so determines its weight. This saves penalties at check-in. Cabinets may not exceed certain dimensions in order to be taken into the aircraft cabin. Swiss and Lufthansa allow carry-on luggage in the size 55 x 40 x 23 cm. Other airlines have different regulations. It is advisable to inquire in good time before departure.

For travel to the USA, travel cases should not be locked so they can be checked by customs at any time. To protect the contents against theft, the TSA lock was developed. In our assortment you will find appropriate locks, so your luggage is suitably protected on a trip to the US.

If you have any questions, we are happy to advise you by e-mail or telephone and are at your disposal with our experience.