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High-quality suitcase with 2 wheels for a relaxed journey

When your vacation is around the corner, it's twice as much fun with the right suitcase. That's why we offer a variety of suitcases with two wheels that are tailored to your needs. In our online shop you will receive a selection of sizes, colors and materials. This travel case with recessed wheels from our range is characterized by a special stability and multi-functionality. The pleasant ergonomics are combined with an appealing design. This makes it child's play to travel safely from A to B with your own luggage.

Before you finally get started, you can benefit from numerous services in our shop and conveniently buy your suitcase in the online shop or look at the specialist shop, compare and receive expert advice.

What suitcase for what purpose?

The choice of suitcases with four or two wheels depends on whether you want to travel more comfortably or safely. How do you want to travel? We have the right solution. For the flight without frightening to discover that a wheel is missing in your suitcase, the classic wheeled suitcase with 2 wheels is suitable as a hard shell or fabric variant. Available in standard sizes, these are made very compact.

We offer all possible variants. Whether a hand luggage with 2 wheels, a medium suitcase for a journey of 1 - 2 weeks or a large suitcase for a travel period of up to 3 weeks you can find in our range.

Our special service

You should lose a bike or you need help because your luggage was damaged during the trip, then we will help you on the spot.

Our customers appreciate the fast processing of repairs and warranty service in our travel suitcase specialist.