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Satch accessories - sports bags, purses, sports bags, exercise boxes

With the accessories from Satch you can transport everything you need for school. From pencil cases to sports bags, rain capes and drinking surfaces, everything is included. Colorful colors, wild patterns or simple and monochrome - at Satch you will find the accessories for your school bag in the style that suits you. You get accessories that match your Satch school backpack. As with school backpacks, all products are made from conscientious production and are free of harmful chemicals and additives. In addition to our products, the production facilities are also checked regularly.

Satch accessories are thought out in every detail

The school backpacks, sports bags and gym bags from satch are water-repellent. If the rain lasts longer or becomes stronger, the satch rain cape is very practical. No matter which Satch backpack you have, the rain cover fits all models. Reflective seams also ensure that you are still clearly visible to other road users even in the dark. As you can see, all Satch products have been thought through in detail. You can even attach the Satch gym bag to your backpack.

So that you can protect your notebooks, writing and drawing pads from dirt, moisture and wrinkles or can stow them away in your backpack, these practical notebook boxes from the satch accessories are available. Very small utensils can be stored in the pretty beauty wallets. If you want to drink something, the Satch drinking bottle would be highly recommended.