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Travel Organizer and Co. - Everything You Need During Your Trip

When traveling, nothing is more annoying than to note the lack of important documents at the airport. This can easily happen without a travel organizer. It is also important to provide on-the-go comfort. In order to be optimally equipped during the trip, we have put together a wide range of articles for you, including:

  • clear travel organizers and cases
  • comfortable pillows
  • Beauty Sets and Shoulder Bags

    Travel Organizer and Theft Protection

    With the handy travel organizers we offer you, you can securely store important papers such as passports, airline and train tickets, and travel plans. The travel organizer Go Travel is a handy, easily stowable plastic folder for storing documents with five compartments. This chic travel organizer is available in various trendy colors. A particularly versatile model is the Hama Organizer for travel documents. This elegant wallet in subtle gray and black has a zipper and a carrying handle.

    Travel organizer Hama offers you an additional front pocket so that you can quickly get your passport and / or your flight ticket at hand. You do not want to store your credit cards and IDs in the travel organizer yourself, but prefer to keep them separately? Then we recommend our special card cases, which protect your card information against theft by means of RFID transponders. There are various fresh colors available when choosing your case.

    Comfortable at any time

    With travel organizer for travel documents and theft-proof case you are already well prepared. But to fully enjoy your journey, you must also take care of your physical well-being. So that you and your family can sit comfortably even on longer flights or train journeys, we recommend our cuddly neck pillows. For the little travelers, we have fun animal motifs to offer - in this way, the pillow is the best friend. In the neck pillow area you can choose from the motifs lion and giraffe. These soft travel companions are made of high-quality polyester, as are the folding cushions in the frog and piggy motif. With these practical pillows your little ones can sleep as comfortably in the hotel as at home in their own bed. For adults, we offer the 2in1 neck pillow, which can be used as a neck pillow or as a square pillow, depending on the situation.

    Always well groomed

    If you have already equipped yourself with the travel organizer and cushion of your choice and also all the clothes and shoes are packed, then there is still what "woman" on the way so needs: For shopping to your heart's content on vacation we have the right bags for you. In the appealing pastel color of your choice, our elegant Fifties shoulder bag offers the finest in shopping comfort. It can also be excellently combined with the matching Fabulous Fifties suitcase from our range , Equipped with brackets made of genuine leather, this bag is provided with a band that can be easily attached to the suitcase. In this way you can easily rest on the suitcase and have your hands free. In addition, we offer you a Fifties beauty set, in which you can easily accommodate your make-up.

    Are you interested in our organizers for travel documents, pillows or bags? When ordering in the online shop, you benefit from competent expert advice as well as excellent warranty and repair services. Same day shipping is free for orders up to 16:00 for orders over 50.00 CHF. If you need your Reisorganizer or your case faster, then our express delivery is at your disposal. When choosing this shipping method, you will also receive your order on Saturday.

    If you plan to travel by air, travel organizers and shoulder bags or suitcases are included in your hand luggage, while larger backpacks and suitcases must be checked in as your carry-on luggage. For cabin luggage, it is important to inquire with the airline about the weight limit in advance to avoid additional charges.

    If you have any further questions or need help, feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail.