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Large selection of travel bags, with and without wheels

Most people think of suitcases when it comes to choosing the right one Luggage goes - but have you ever considered using a travel bag with wheels? Travel bags are often used when classic suitcases are too bulky and the backpack is an alternative to being small. If you buy cheap travel bags from us, then you have the perfect solution! We at Koffer-Schweiz carry different models in our online shop. So you have the right luggage for every occasion. One thing all our variants have in common - they are practical and also fashionable! The following models can be found in our shop:

  • sports bags and backpacks
  • Backpack and travel bag with wheels
  • Laptop Bags and Backpacks
  • Carrying case
  • Hard case

    In our online shop you can buy travel bags at a low price from a free Shipping benefit. If you buy your duffel bags by 4pm, we will ship the duffel bag even the same day. If you want to get the bag on a Saturday, you can also choose our optional express delivery.

    Advantages of a travel bag with wheels

    Who does not know the heavy hauling of a suitcase or a travel bag? A travel bag with wheels is due to their shape, size and the materials used a suitable alternative to suitcases and typical travel bags without roles. The wheels provide high mobility, even if you travel for a longer time.

    Travelers often do not have it easy. You have to change frequently and have little time to get to the right terminal or railroad track. When you buy travel bags from us, you can easily reach your destination in a short time.

    Furthermore, the roles are appropriate for all people who have problems with the back. A travel bag with wheels is - unlike travel bags without wheels - usually larger and provides for more storage space, but still offers the comfort of low weight. If you are looking for a lightweight bag for your vacation or business trip, a travel bag with wheels from Suitcase Switzerland is the best choice. How to protect your health and your nerves!

    It's the materials that matter - buy travel bags

    There are a variety of materials for your travel bag with wheels. Synthetic fabrics that are robust and resistant to moisture and easy to clean are used for this. They also make it possible to fold the bags handy and store them in the closet where they do not consume much space. The used materials of our bags for you at a glance:

    • nylon
    • polyester
    • PU Polyester
    • the travel bags also have parts and applications made of cowhide or nappa leather

      If your wheeled travel bag gets damaged during a trip, you do not have to worry. We offer warranty and repair services for your products. We advise you in detail about the materials and warranty services in our stationary store in Kloten. There you can pick up your travel bag with wheels if required.

      Hand Luggage - Buy Matching Travel Bags

      If you want to buy a travel bag to travel by plane, you should consider the applicable carry-on provisions. This will save you additional fees, which depending on the airline can be between five and 55 euros. The typical dimensions for carry-on luggage are 55 cm x 40 cm x 25 cm.

      In our online shop you can filter our articles to the right size and have all the right products at a glance - without a long search! Alternatively, we are also happy to advise you on site in our local shop. If you have any further questions about a travel bag with wheels, visit us or let us know < / a> by phone or by e-mail! We are at your disposal with our competent advice.