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Lean back through a lock for suitcases and enjoy the holiday!

You want to go on vacation relaxed and not worry about your own travel luggage make need? A reliable lock for your suitcase is perfect for avoiding theft. When traveling to the US, care should be taken that the suitcase is fitted with a TSA lock. So each case can be opened by the TSA authority (Transport Security Administration) and searched if necessary. Locked suitcases or trolleys with a conventional suitcase lock must sometimes be opened by force.

What are TSA locks?

TSA Locks are special combination locks that can be very helpful when traveling to the USA. This lock for suitcases can be opened with a master key from the American Transport Safety Authority (TSA). Some trunks are already equipped with TSA locks. TSA locks can be selected with a key or a number code. Only a TSA employee can open and close the case when needed, so there is no need to break a lock for suitcases during a check. If a suitcase has been opened by TSA officials, a note about the opening in the suitcase will be left.

Advantages of the TSA lock

A big advantage of the lock for suitcases with numerical code is that no key is needed. This can not be lost while traveling or on vacation. Your own combination of numbers is enough to open the lock for suitcases. TSA Combination Locks are primarily designed to prevent damage to the locked case. International treaties stipulate that all items of baggage must pass a security check before being loaded onto an aircraft. But security checks also cause the opening of suitcases and trolleys to carry out checks. In this case, a suitcase lock can also be broken, TSA locks have the advantage that they can be opened with a master key and closed again, in contrast to the conventional lock for suitcases.

How to set the lock for suitcases with numerical code

  • the starting combination is set to 0-0-0 with the factory setting.
  • press the adjusting knob until it clicks, a sharp object can be used here
  • the wheels of the lock are turned until the desired combination of numbers appears
  • in case of emergency the numerical code should be noted
  • with the opening slider the adjustment knob can be moved to the original position.
  • If no adjustment knob is available, the opening slides should be pressed, then hold and set the personal number combination. Now release the shutter and the lock is set with your combination.

    Other accessories

    Of course you will not only find locks for your suitcase in our online shop. In our selection are also, for example, cozy neck pillows, straps or wallets. In our accessories category we offer practical articles for the preparation before the Travel and . So you are always well equipped - no matter where you travel!

    Benefits that you benefit from us

    The advice for a suitcase lock can also be done in a retail store, also the collection of the lock for suitcases can be done here. As an online shop, we provide warranty and repair services for all purchased products in our online shop. Free shipping on orders over 50.00 CHF will be made on the same day if the order is placed by 16.00. The customer also has the option to opt for express delivery with delivery on Saturday.

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