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Our luggage brands

In our brand shops of you will find a very diverse range of bags, trolleys, bags, backpacks, clothes bags, leather goods and beauty cases from the brands

  •     Samsonite
  •     American Tourister
  •     Victorinox
  •     Traveling Lite
  •     Stratic
  •     TITANIUM
  •     Dakine
  •     march
  •     monopoly
  •     Heys
  •     Step by step school council
  •     Coocazoo
  •     Suitsuit
  •     DELSEY
  •     Dermata leather goods
  •     D & N
  •     Retro punk
  •     Go Travel Travel Accessories

Our offered luggage package of renowned manufacturers combines the highest quality and safety requirements with an extremely functional, ergonomic and aesthetic product design. High-quality branded cases have their price, but they keep a lifetime and are loyal companions, even when traveling a little rough.

Our brands - international

Samsonite is undoubtedly the market leader when it comes to branded cases and other luggage. Samsonite stands for quality and innovation: With the new CURV material, the international group manufactures robust and stable but particularly lightweight cases and trolleys. With Samsonite, you can not go wrong.

The history of the American tradition brand American Tourister dates back to 1932. From the outset, the company's goal was to make more sturdy pieces of luggage than the competition - at affordable prices. But the company has also always stood for innovation: the first supplier to bring a suitcase to the market, made entirely of vinyl. Today, American Tourister produces affordable, first-class quality products under the marketing slogan "Be ready when life calls", especially for families and young travelers.

TITAN are simple but elegant cases made of sturdy polycarbonate. They combine design with functionality and offer a wide range of hard shell and fabric cases as well as business articles with the best price performance.

Luggage from Travelite are typically German: rather inconspicuous, but very powerful and particularly correct. The company is not only uncompromising in its strict quality standards but also in strict social and ethical standards in production. Travelite offers an extensive range of luggage from the hard-shell case to fabric cases, backpacks, travel bags and accessories.

Stratic, which produces its products in the majority in Europe, also operates in the German language. The label, however, is anything but unpretentious, but sometimes almost a little pretentious. In addition, Stratic's flagship case offers extra comfort and low weight.

The French luggage manufacturer DELSEY scores with very robust suitcases with safety ratchet closures and wheel brakes. The sophisticated functionality is rounded off with a visually appealing design and unique colors. The fabric collections are classic and simple, with a special weight advantage.

HEYS can hardly be imagined in the travel baggage sector in Canada and the USA. With special motifs in an enormous variety, these fashion spinners form a strong contrast to the usually unicoloured luggage. In addition, cases were made by the Brazilian artist Romero Britto, Fernando and Jing Zhang. We have brought the brand to Switzerland.

SUITSUIT is the brand for the modern woman. Whether it is a bold, colorful suitcase with turtle armor or pastel colored suitcases in the 50s style - this brand offers everything for stylish travel.

Dakine, on the other hand, embodies sport, an adventure spirit and a sense of discovery. With a wide selection of travel bags for individual travelers and backpacks for school and leisure, the next adventure is no longer in the way.

The German suitcase manufacturer Monopol offers a wide range of inexpensive hard shell cases in one color or with unusual motifs for every taste. The trolleys are available individually or as a set.

The D & N and DERMATA brands complement our range with classic briefcases, busines bags and notepads. Inexpensive from PVC or high quality leather - here you will find everything for business day.

our brands

Victorinox not only produces pocket knives, but also functional and versatile pieces of luggage. With the Swiss cross in the coat of arms, they immediately make it clear where they come from. In every bag and suitcase Victorinox tradition is conceived, the success of the company is based on its constant commitment to progress, functionality and a successful design.