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Handcrafted laptop bags made of leather

We present you the heart of Piquadro. The lovingly made leather bags that are the epitome of Piquadro. Classic, timeless design accompanies men and women through everyday business life and ensures that all the necessary documents are always to hand. With practical dividers for drinking bottles, documents, umbrellas and more, there is a suitable place for every object. Many of the bags are equipped with additional details such as address tags and smart sleeves to attach the bag to a trolley frame.
With materials of the highest quality, each individual bag is brought to life by hand in an approximately eight-hour process. Colored accents, additional tags and metal applications complete the design and give the bag the finishing touch.
A Piquadro is much more than just a bag. She is a companion for lifetime.

The classic collections: Blue Square and Black Square

The classic has no frills: The Blue Square collection is made of smooth leather with - as the name suggests - light blue squares and stripes. With these subtle accents, Piquadro has managed to freshen up the design while still keeping it timeless. In addition to the quality criteria, the functionality also makes a precision landing. Inside there are credit card holders, pen holders, laptop compartments, key clips, etc. to create perfect order. The collection is available in the subtle colors black, mahogany and dark blue. For example, take a look at the following bag:

  • Piquadro laptop bag 15 inch Blue Square

The Black Square collection is even more subtle and finer, which fully emphasizes the naturalness of the leather. The professional craftsmanship appears even more authentic. The collection is available in black, dark brown, olive green and a wonderful caramel brown.