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Practical briefcases for daily work and business travel

To for the next business meeting with our briefcases from Koffer-Schweiz! An important appointment is just around the corner and you still need the right luggage so that everything is safely stored and ready to hand? Then buy a briefcase now! Here you will find a wide selection in different designs, sizes and variants.

The special elegance of exquisite materials and the flexibility in the interior make leather briefcases an indispensable companion for business travel nowadays. In addition there is the special wearing comfort due to the compact form and sturdy handles. They are also ideal for professionally storing important documents and utensils. The special effect of the elegant design is supported by the high-quality workmanship.

Available in different sizes, most briefcases are made of very fine leather. But other variants made of aluminum or nylon are available to the demanding customer. With such a suitcase you can make an elegant appearance for potential customers or even in the office. The stylish design and compact design also makes it possible to use your leather briefcase when traveling. Especially in the long term, the use of practical everyday companions is also ensured by the stable construction.

High wearing comfort and clear order inside

Especially in the long term it is worthwhile to buy a briefcase at a low price. With this you have an excellent wearing comfort, this is mainly manifested by the compact design. The elegant handle is great in the hand and ensures a comfortable fit in any situation. The handle is not only comfortable, but also stable. Thus, wearing in hectic situations is also no problem. The compact size is another reason many customers buy a briefcase. They are also equipped with a combinable combination lock. In this way important documents remain closed to third parties. This is how you have stowed all documents practically and safely!

At the same time, you have the option of storing various utensils neatly sorted inside. If you need to get going quickly, you'll have all the important items and documents at your fingertips with the briefcase . Also other accessories such as writing folders , Wallets or purses can be kept in this suitcase ideal. It is even possible to carry your own laptop or tablet in one of the compartments.

Buy briefcase at low prices and get service

You can order elegant leather briefcases in both the online shop and the store. You also benefit from the advice and pick-up in the stationary shop on site. If you buy a briefcase, you will receive additional warranty and repair services for your model. Optionally, you can also use Express delivery with delivery on Saturday. For orders placed before 16:00 on the same day, you will receive a free shipping.

Luggage for flights may not weigh more than 32 kg. Therefore, it is no problem to carry such a suitcase even during flight. Standard dimensions for width, length and height with a maximum of 158 cm are not exceeded in the current models. Only briefcases with built-in alarm system may not be carried on an airplane. For more information, contact the airlines.

We are always at your disposal with our competent advice - by phone or by e-mail.