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The leader in luggage and suitcases is Samsonite.

Samsonite - the moving story

The history of the company is a bit confused. Samsonite was founded in 1910 in Denver, Colorado by Jesse Shwayder, the scion of a Polish Jewish immigrant family. In the beginning, he mainly made massive wooden chests. Jesse apparently had not only a soft spot for luggage, but also for Old Testament names. One of his products he named after the biblical stretching Samson, his son but got the name King David. It was not until 1941 that a suitcase-like container, the Samsonite Streamline, was manufactured for the first time.

In 1960, King David Shwayder took over the fortunes of the company and gradually the term Samsonite established itself as a brand. Samsonite soon became extremely successful on international markets as well. In the 1970s, they gained market leadership. In 1974, the company produced the first trolley. At that time, about 5,000 people were employed by Samsonite, which was taken over by an American conglomerate. Over the next 30 years, the company was sold from one investment company to the next. Samsonite has been based in Luxembourg since 2007.

Samsonite does not just make luggage, but above all, builds confidence. The luggage holds by its outstanding quality the adversities and high loads during trips optimally. Samsonite's market leadership is the result of a never-ending innovation process. Whether hard case , suitcase , trolley, bags or backpacks, they are all constantly being perfected. More than 100 years of reliability, stability, style and functionality have made the brand an icon in their field.

Order Samsonite Cases & Bags at Koffer-Switzerland

In our online shop and shop in Kloten you will receive high-quality luggage from Samsonite , which you can order without shipping costs. Alternatively, a specialist consultant can also get your new suitcase, trolley or their new business items directly in the store.

Our Samsonite offer includes:

  • Hard Case
  • Cloth Case
  • Travel Bags
  • Kids Suitcase by Samsonite
  • Lady Bags
  • Backpacks for business or leisure
  • Business Suitcases & Laptop Bags
    Samsonite has the widest range of all hard-shell cases. The model series are as diverse as the wishes, demands and preferences of our customers. All items are equipped with wheels and telescopic handle, the Corpus is made of different high-tech materials that combine durability with stability and low weight. Here you will find all current Samsonite hard case models, from Lite Cube about Cosmolite up to Samsonite Pro-DLX code.
    For lovers of more flexible luggage, we also offer an almost equally large range of Samsonite cloth cases and Samsonite travel bags. If you're traveling with your entire family, maybe we also have our Samsonite Kid's Suitcase Disney interesting. These are not only characterized by their child-friendly design, but are also very lightweight, robust and easy to handle.
    For business travelers who like their work utensils such as To transport laptops safely, the Samsonite Business Collection is particularly suitable. With Samsonite business and messenger bags, laptop bags, backpacks and trolleys, anyone and every woman can look great in their professional lives.
    We also offer Garment Bags & garment bags , so that their clothes survive the journey wrinkle free. A Samsonite suitcase can now be seen at every airport and as a travel companion.


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