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Piquadro - Italian craftsmanship

All Piquadro products are inspired by traditional Italian craftsmanship and merge with three values ​​that distinguish Piquadro from all other products: design, functionality and technology.
That means, a linear, structured design, practically applicable in everyday life, should express the originality and elegance of the Italian style. Great importance is always attached to the highest quality.
A close team of creative minds is constantly developing new solutions inspired by design, fashion, materials and trends.

Highest quality standards

Every Piquadro product is subjected to a tough quality test by the technicians. The durability and structural integrity are checked. The handles of bags and briefcases are subjected to 3500 stress test cycles. Fully loaded suitcases travel a 32km long route with obstacles on a conveyor belt. They are then placed in a freezer at -12 degrees Celsius for 8 hours. A machine reproduces the conditions in the hold of an aircraft and puts the pieces of luggage in shock for hours. At the end every detail is tested:
Attachment points, wheels, shoulder straps and handles.

Loving manufacture

When it comes to leather, Piquadro only deals with trustworthy people, preferably from Tuscany. Their materials are internationally recognized through old traditions. With caring hands and a lot of passion, the thickness, softness and consistency of the leather are checked. Even the characteristic scent of the leather is decisive. Every phase of the birth of a Piquadro product is strictly followed with great attention to the smallest detail. The leather is transformed into a bag by master craftsmen in numerous steps. This process takes up to 14 hours. Skilled hands decorate the bag with the details needed to bring the bag to life.
In order to rule out health risks from unsuitable materials, Piquadro only works with certified tanneries whose leather is only tanned in full compliance with the law for the protection of people and the environment. Raw material is carefully selected and rigorously controlled to ensure non-toxicity. Experts in the Piquadro test laboratories thoroughly test the resistance of each piece of leather in terms of wear and tear, color loss or transfer and the reaction to water.

Wide range of products at Koffer Schweiz

The high-quality Piquadro products should not be missing in our range. Whether briefcase, shoulder bag, laptop bag or backpack. With us you will find the right items for everyday office life. Thanks to their high quality and unmistakable design, the products complement your style perfectly and stand for competence and professionalism.