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Hand luggage case in 55x35x25 cm format

It is essential to bring a carry-on suitcase with you on every flight. Here, for example, a carry-on suitcase with the dimensions 55x35x25 cm is suitable. Whether you travel professionally and therefore rely on your laptop during the flight. If you have booked a cheap flight without a baggage claim and you have to find space in your carry-on luggage or if you use your hand luggage as additional storage space - you will find your individually-hand luggage for you! When choosing to consider aspects such as purpose and benefits as well as comfort and design. All pieces of this category have one thing in common: the dimensions of the hand luggage are 55x35x25 cm.

Laptop Backpack - For Business Travelers, Bloggers and IT Professionals

As the name implies, laptop backpacks backpacks, which are specially designed for the transport of laptops. They serve their purpose in a practical and comfortable way. For suitcase fans, we also have a laptop case on offer. You have a great carry-on luggage in the format 55x35x25 cm that accompanies you on your travels.

Hard Shell Case - Hard Shell, Soft Core

Compared to the case, the hard case has the advantage that the contents are not damaged by blunt external force during transport. Even if the suitcase material gets damaged, the core, your belongings, will remain soft and will survive the journey undamaged. Thus, a 55x35x25 cm carry case in hard shell protects your luggage in turbulent weather travel.

Cloth case - Adaptable and advantageous for car rides

If you also want to carry your carry-on luggage in the 55x35x25 cm format in the car, it is easier to Cloth Case instead of a hard case. Due to the nature of the material, several suitcases, for example a family outing, may be stacked in the trunk rather than hard-shell cases. But even as a carry-on suitcase in the format 55x35x25 cm, a model of fabric is very good, because you can stow easy.

Travel bag - Sporty and always handy

If you prefer to have your luggage in sight, it is best to use a travel bag . Unlike suitcases , the danger of leaving your luggage unattended, for example due to a visit to the toilet, is eliminated to forget. With a travel bag you can buy a carry-on suitcase in the size 55x35x25 cm, which also matches your style.

Let us advise you personally about the hand luggage case in the format 55x35x25 cm!

Visit us in our stationary shop in Kloten! Or choose one of our hand luggage cases in 55x35x25 cm format for home delivery. We offer free shipping for orders over 50,00 CHF on the same day for orders before 16:00 and optional express delivery with delivery also on Saturday. No matter how you decide: Koffer-Switzerland offers additional warranty & repair services.

Please note that the dimensions allowed for the flight as well as the maximum weight of your hand luggage vary from airline to airline. If you decide on carry-on luggage with the dimensions 55x35x25 cm, you still have to reckon with additional costs if you exceed the maximum weight. Please inform yourself in advance at the respective airline.

If you have any further questions, for example about hand luggage with dimensions 55x35x25 cm, visit us in our local shop or contact us by phone or e-mail! We are always happy to be there for you and support you with our expert advice.