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With a hard-shell suitcase for children, the little ones travel on their own

If you are looking for a children's hard case, you should definitely pay attention to high-quality workmanship. Hard case for children are stable and also water repellent. The contents can not get wet even when it rains, and the smooth surface of the children's suitcase makes the dirt less absorbent and it's easier to clean. If a suitcase is designed for children, then the trip is twice as much fun. Therefore, children should be able to handle their suitcase themselves, the lock on the children's suitcase should be easy to open, so children can easily pack and unpack their suitcases themselves. A children's hard case is easily pulled behind and does not have to be carried on the back in contrast to the backpack.

Kids Hard Case - A Reliable Travel Companion

Colorful kids hard case with many designs for boys and girls, original and playful designs make the perfect travel companion for the little ones. For girls own suitcases in the princess look, as ladybug, in pink or pink with flowers or funny designs. For the boys, fire design, dinosaur suitcases, Batman cases or superhero design are in the limelight.

The hardshell cases for children can be chosen based on travel time, so different sizes of suitcases available. Even for a weekend trip to Grandma and Grandpa is a children's hard case to accommodate next to clothing and the favorite toy. When buying the children's suitcase should always be taken to ensure that the wheels located at the bottom of the case work well. So they can easily be pulled behind them - even by the children themselves.

Kids hard case as carry-on

Do the children count hard-shell cases as carry-on ? This question can not be answered on a flat-rate basis because every airline sets its own guidelines for itself. As a rule, the maximum values ​​of 55 x 40 x 20 centimeters apply to luggage, which in most cases corresponds to carry-on luggage for children's suitcases. Nevertheless, it is important to find out about the airlines and their policies before traveling. It should also be noted that both the handle, as well as the rollers and outer pockets must be taken into account when measuring. Some children's cases have a practical seat function - the child can sit on the suitcase when waiting for a long time and also finds a good grip on the handles when sitting down.

The benefits of buying a child hardshell case online

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