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Business Backpack in 17 Inch - Large Selection

Are you traveling often and need your 17 inch laptop always at hand? Then you need to pay attention to the correct dimensions of your luggage - so you need a business backpack in 17 inches. Our Online Shop from Koffer-Schweiz offers you models in noble as well as practical designs and with a pleasant wearing comfort. In addition, it is very robust and protects your valuable laptop from all external influences.

17 inch backpack for office and travel

Whether stowing wallets, files, laptops or tablets - The 17 "business backpack is the right choice for the office ! It is a backpack for 17 inch laptops and tablets and corresponds with a height of 52.5 centimeters and a width of 33.5 centimeters IATA regulations. The 17-inch Business Backpack can easily be carried on board as a carry-on . This will save you annoying additional fees at the airport.

A 17-inch laptop is a relatively large model. It is mainly used in the multimedia industry, but also in leisure time gaming. For this reason, it has a high dead weight, so it is important to buy a backpack that has the lowest possible weight.

Also on the move

The 17-inch Business Backpack is also ideal for exploring the city or hiking in nature thanks to the medium-sized 34-liter volume. The rain jacket and packed lunch are easy to stow away and comfortable to wear thanks to the ergonomic backpack straps. With a handy handle on the top of the business backpack with 17 inches, it can be easily and safely lift with little effort. It offers not only a slot for laptop, two practical side mounts can also accommodate drinking bottles.

Information on air travel with a business backpack in 17 inches

For many airlines, a maximum dimension of 55 x 40 x 23 centimeters is allowed for carry-on luggage. The business backpack for 17-inch laptops takes these dimensions almost fully, creating the largest possible storage space for your hand luggage. The specified in the technical data depth of the backpack of 23.5 centimeters indicates a maximum value that is rarely fully exploited by meaningful packing and can be easily compressed if necessary to the appropriate level. Thus, you are definitely on the safe side when traveling by air with the 17 inch business backpack.

Advantages of our online shop

If your order for the business backpack reaches us at 17 "to 16:00, we will send it to you - free of charge for an order value of 100.00 CHF - on the same day. Feel free to use our express delivery to receive your purchases on Saturdays as well.

You want to take a close look at our products before deciding on a model? Then visit our shop in Kloten and let our expert staff advise you. We provide warranty & repair services on all our products. Come by or contact our online support. We look forward to seeing you!