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The name The Bridge
stands for a tradition that began fifty years ago. A bridge that combines value and modernity, nostalgia and joie de vivre, vintage and an environmentally conscious statement. The story of excellent materials and expert workmanship. The way of life of Tuscany, which is in the bags and accessories with the natural and timeless elegance of high-quality cowhide from Italy. This was purely vegetable tanned and polished until it presents itself with its softness and incredible shine.

The Bridge stands for
the Made in Italy value with a touch of romantic English retro style. The brand is associated with the look of the youth culture and globetrotters of the seventies, resurrected today in the hipster culture, a child of the digital revolution. Certain fashions come and go, but the elegance of The Bridge is an enduring and enduring value. Simply classic, distinctive, full of life. Closely and inextricably linked to the statement of a slow life, which is lived nomadic and with a high level of ecological awareness.

Handwork The Bridge
Every single piece of the collection, thanks to the craftsmanship historically rooted in Florence and Tuscany, becomes unique and a piece of lived life, a sign of style, a companion that interprets the new millennium with a light bohemian spirit.