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Carry-on suitcase measuring 55x40x23 cm - easy selection

If you travel by plane often, you know that there are very strict hand luggage regulations. In our online shop we facilitate the selection of the right luggage through our subcategories as well as our practical filter function . Find the hand luggage in the right size. In our hand luggage category 55x40x23 cm we offer hand luggage in a size of 55x40x23 cm. Among them are hard-shell trolleys made of ABS, colorful trolleys with attractive prints , Trolleys made of textile materials and travel bags . If you order your hand luggage case 55x40x23 cm until 16 o'clock, we send it free of charge with an order value of 50,00 CHF on the same day. With the express shipping option, delivery is even on a Saturday. If you would like an individual consultation or would like to pick up your own luggage, then you are welcome to visit us in our stationary shop in Kloten. We offer warranty and repair services for all trolleys and trolleys.

A suitcase or a trolley measuring 55x40x23 cm?

Depending on what you need to do with your luggage, a trolley may be better for you than a suitcase. Modern trolleys have easy running roles and are easier to steer than they used to. They are usually so robust that they pose no problems on stairs. This is especially important for a fast platform change, where no elevator is available. As a result, they are also easy to handle for travelers who are not that heavy in carrying. In addition, the extendable handle can be recessed to save space. Meanwhile there are hardly any suitcases without wheels. From our wide range of carry-on suitcases 55x40x23 cm you can choose between different colors and designs. So you are guaranteed to find the suitcase or trolley with the dimensions 55x40x23 cm that suits you best.

Hand luggage case 55x40x23 cm for women, men and children

Here you will find attractive trolleys of 55x40x23 cm size from American Tourister with nice comic or disneymotives and four wheels for kids. For women, we have a large selection of polypropylene trolley trolleys in beautiful attractive colors. Many have a combination lock, but the contents can also be secured with a small padlock. In the descriptions for the carry-on luggage 55x40x23 cm you will also find hints for which airlines they are approved and how much weight they are allowed to carry with them . As a neutral luggage or for men, the brand AT Herolite Lifestyle 55 2 wheel luggage is recommended, which is also available with 4 wheels. This cloth case in the category Hand luggage case 55x40x23 cm is made of a durable polyester fabric.

Please also see the regulations of each airline for hand luggage case 55x40x23 cm and inquire in advance with the airline with which you want to fly . If you need assistance with the purchase of a hand luggage suitcase with the dimensions 55x40x23 cm, you can call us. We are happy to advise you!