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Fey Unlimit - Travel without limits

Fey's hard-shell suitcase collection combines everything you need when traveling. A short city trip over the weekend? No problem! Everything you need for a short trip fits in your hand luggage. This saves you valuable time at the airport because you don't have to check in a suitcase and you can start exploring straight away. If your shopping trip was more successful than expected, you can create a little more space with the additional zipper expansion fold.

The medium suitcase size is suitable for a trip of approx. 7-10 days and the large size for 2 weeks or longer. Both sizes also have an expansion pleat to increase the volume if necessary. If it rains or you travel to a country with high humidity, the moisture-protected zipper ensures that your things stay dry.

Both halves of the suitcase are equipped with cross straps, zippered dividers and small pockets to neatly pack your clothes and belongings.

All sizes are available in the modern colors petrol, purple and anthracite.