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satch sleek - The slim school backpack

Slim, light and still a lot of space.
The Satch Sleek can hold up to 24 liters and has a slim body. That is why it is suitable for the slimmer and more delicate among the students. There is enough space for your books, college blocks, notebooks and lunch boxes - even the A4 folder fits into the main compartment. There is also an organizer compartment with cell phone pocket and two zip pockets. Here you can store your tablet, notebooks, vocabulary books, calculator and everything else you need for your school day. The Satch Sleek is the perfect companion for every day.

satch sleek - is also a lightweight backpack

The Satch Sleek weighs only 1100 grams thanks to the new backboard and guarantees a tight but comfortable fit on the body. The special carrying system supports an upright posture and relieves the back. Because with the chest strap and the aluminum profile rail, weight from the shoulders and back can be redistributed to the hips and the stable pelvic area, making the Satch Sleek ergonomic and suitable for long wear. This lightweight under the school backpacks suits you, whether big or small, because it is adjustable and grows with you, so to speak - from 1.40 m to 1.80 m.

Ideal backpack designed for school and leisure

Since the Satch Sleek is so light and still fits a lot, you can use it anywhere. Just go swimming after school or with friends in the park. The Satch Sleek is the ideal companion every day - also for leisure. You are also visible with the Satch Sleek, because reflectors are located at selected locations around the backpack. This makes it easy for other road users, such as cyclists, bus and car drivers, to recognize you not only on sunny days but also on darker days.

Conscientiously produced for the environment

When manufacturing school backpacks and all school accessories from Satch, the manufacturer pays attention to sustainability. The textiles for a satch sleek are made from 19 recycled PET bottles in a special process. Great care is taken to ensure that the textiles are chemically harmless - for people and nature. This is exactly what all satch fabrics are certified for. The working conditions of the manufacturers and suppliers are also checked for the entire production.