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Fey Quant - a quantum of luxury

A visual eye-catcher. When traveling with the Fey Quant, you and your suitcase are definitely eye-catchers. Shiny, high-quality aluminum creates an unmistakable play of light. An irregular and open-work groove embossing ensures an unmistakable design. The front metal plate and the hinges with the curved Fey lettering give the premium case the finishing touch.

The Quant is more than just a suitcase. It is a status symbol and at an unbeatable price.

A quantum of stability

Chic appearance is beautiful and good. But we all know that's not all that matters. Since the transport companies do not pack the luggage in cotton wool, the Quant will get a few dents and scratches after just a few trips. This property can be attributed to the light metal aluminum. Travelers who consciously choose an aluminum suitcase love the stories that the suitcase has to tell after every trip. Just as every trip changes us a little bit, the suitcase should also be "alive". This makes each suitcase absolutely unique.

The aluminum material makes the housing and the frame extremely stable, even if it is a bit heavier in comparison to conventional fabric or hard-shell cases made of plastic. The four upper corners are additionally reinforced and give the case even more stability. The rollers are sunk a little in the housing and are therefore better protected during transport.

A quantum of functionality

The durable shell and aluminum frame resist light rain and spray. In countries with high humidity, clothing is also well protected and stays dry. The Quant can be locked with 2-3 buckles. There are three-digit TSA locks on two buckles for secure customs controls.

The 4 double rollers run comfortably in all directions and also over bumpy paths such as gravel or paving stones. The robust, double pull-out handle locks in two stages. If the case needs to be carried over a curb or stairs, a top and side convenient handle is available.

Thanks to the side feet, the trolley can be conveniently placed on public transport and does not roll away.

The interior offers plenty of space for all personal items that should not be missing on the trip. Both halves of the case are equipped with an adjustable cross strap that fixes the contents in place. Two loose packing panels with zipped compartments can also be clamped between clothing and the strap.