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Travelite Bali the new affordable hard-shell suitcase for affordable comfort on your trip

Travelite Bali are affordable hard-shell suitcases that combine the comfort and flexibility of modern luggage with an attractive price-performance ratio. Here in the online shop you can now easily order these Travelite brand suitcases online. Other popular suitcases from Travelite such as Travelite Basics suitcases and Travelite travel bags can also be found in our range at special prices.
Travelite Bali cheap hard-shell suitcases: models at a glance

We offer you the inexpensive Bali hard-shell suitcases from Travelite in various sizes. All hard-shell cases in the Bali series are equipped with four quiet, smooth-running wheels. There are a total of three different models in many colors to choose from:

     Travelite City "L": 51 x 77 x 29 cm, 96 liters, for two weeks and longer
     Travelite City "M": 45 x 67 x 26 cm, 65 liters, 3.3 kg, for one week
     Travelite City "S" hand luggage: 39 x 55 x 20 cm, 34 liters, 2.5 kg, for a few days

Travelite Bali affordable hard-shell suitcases with TSA lock

The models in sizes “L” and “M” are equipped with a permanently integrated TSA security lock. The abbreviation stands for the Transport Security Administration, which is responsible for aviation security in the USA. TSA security locks meet high quality standards and can also be opened by the TSA using a master key when entering the USA.

Suitcases without a TSA lock may be broken into by customs if there are suspicions. This would damage your suitcase. Use Travelite Bali cheap hard-shell suitcases with TSA lock and you are not exposed to this risk. For hand luggage, Travelite opted for a standard three-digit combination lock. Since you always have hand luggage with you, you can open it yourself if requested by customs staff.
Travelite Bali affordable hard-shell suitcases with impact protection

The Travelite City suitcases are made of acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene copolymer, better known as ABS. The material is characterized by excellent impact resistance, so that the contents of your suitcase are optimally protected from damage at all times.
Travelite branded suitcase Bali - further highlights

The Travelite Bali brand suitcases are characterized by intelligent use of space. Inside you will find a classic layout with a zippered divider. The entire interior and the partition wall are covered with fabric. You can secure your items of clothing with elastic cross straps. All Travelite Bali brand suitcases have a sturdy telescopic extension that you can adjust to suit your height.
Buy the Travelite Bali hard case now

Take advantage of the opportunity now and buy Travelite Bali cheap hard-shell suitcases in the online shop. You can of course also order Travelite travel bags, Travelite Basics suitcases and many other Travelite series such as Elvaa, Miigo, Next 2.0 or Air Base from us.