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The card case by SecWal is not only small and practical, but also manufactured in a noble style.

How did the idea and production come about?

Normal purses can be stolen quickly and take up a lot of space. In addition, in this day and age can be paid quickly and easily with credit and bank cards. This means that you do not just carry one or two cards with you. Even ID cards, identity card, driver's license and other important documents have shrunk to the size of credit cards. On the one hand it saves space and it is handy. On the other hand, these cards must also have space in the case.

Thus, many features and features were combined in a card case.

  • Small and space saving
  • made of genuine leather with a noble and sporty look
  • Space for 10 cards
  • RFID protected against electronic data theft
  • very fast and easy access of the cards through the Easy-Slide technology, simply pushing it out of the Aul box
  • Coin and currency pocket also available

SecWal thus combines all the advantages of a normal purse and additionally offers an absolutely secure RFID card data read-out protection thanks to the special aluminum card container with its ingenious EASY-Slide technology.

It includes all the features of a classic wallet, but can easily be carried in one of the front pockets without bulking. A theft of the purse from the pocket is so nearly impossible!

SecWal is small and perfect for everyday life and your journey.