TSA-lock- Already integrated with every suitcase and luggage.

What is a TSA lock and how do I set it?
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What is a TSA lock ever?

A TSA lock was integrated into a normal storable lock. To ensure quick opening at customs (USA, Canada and now the new Emirates), this TSA lock has been developed. It allows the customs at any time to open your suitcase and to check it by random sampling. The customs opens your suitcase with a key. This can be seen in the picture with the number 1. Breaking up or even destroying the lock has thus become unnecessary.

How do I set the TSA lock?

1 - Remove the zipper (# 1) by opening the TSA lock. Basic setting from the manufacturer is always 3 times the zero. If this is not set, please set 000. Push or slide the knob with the integrated key (# 4)

2 - Now use a ballpoint pen or pointed object to press in the metallic button (No. 2) until it snaps into place. If it does not lock, please hold down.

3 - Now you can set your own number (# 3). Do not be surprised the numbers can be a little harder than normal.

4 - Almost done. After you've set your number, push or slide the slider (# 4) as if you want to open your suitcase to the numbers. Now the latched metallic button should come out again and be in home position. With the button pressed, you can release it after setting your number. In this case please make sure that the correct number is set.

5 - Short review. The knob (# 4) should now only push or press at your number. You can now test this for a short time.

Now your TSA lock is ready for use. You can press in your zipper (# 1) in the available device and adjust the numbers. Now your suitcase would be ready for delivery at the airport counter.

How do I set a TSA padlock?

1 - Please open the padlock. Again, the default is 3 times zero.

2 - Now turn the bracket (No. 1) until you can push this bracket into the device on the lock (No. 2).

3 - Please hold down. This is best done with the right hand. Hold the lock between your thumb and forefinger and hold down the bar (# 1).

4 - Set the desired number with your left hand while continuing to press in the bracket.

5 - If this number is set please release. Now your number is already saved and should work now. You can test this by pressing the bar back into the lock and setting a different number. Now your TSA padlock is locked.

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