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Children's suitcase for the little traveler

Early on, who wants to travel the world is practicing. Especially for children of different ages and sizes, there are therefore children's suitcases. Traveling involves more than just getting on the train or on the plane. The planning and packing of the luggage is an important part of the travel preparation. Like for adults there are also children hard case cases in soft fabric as well as two or four wheels. The special feature of a children's suitcase or children's suitcase set are of course the many different motives such as Marvel, Star Wars or Mickey Mouse. So every kid goes on holiday with their very personal hero.

Everything Stowed Safely - Hard Case for Children

In addition to the design of children's suitcases of course also the wearing comfort plays an important role. In our online shop you will find a large and good selection of different children's hardshell cases . The high-quality luggage for small people is designed so that your child can drag his suitcase comfortably behind him. The state-of-the-art suitcases are similar to a school bag with wheels. Thus, every child has already practiced the handling of such a piece of luggage. The kids' cases are made of sturdy plastic and are very sturdy and designed in happy or cool designs. The handles can be pulled out easily.

For diehard Star Wars, Captain America or Baseball fans there is also the matching kids suitcase or suitcase set with a cool design. But also for the kids who like it a bit more colorful, there are matching motifs with funny emojis or Mickey Mouse.

Buy cheap fabric children's suitcase

Fabric children's suitcase is particularly lightweight and also with Wheels and a handle provided. The funny motives are intended for small travelers. Nemo, cat, fox, dino or Disney characters are guaranteed to grow fast as a travel companion for your kids. If you want to buy a children's suitcase, our online shop offers many benefits. We offer you competent advice and pick-up in our shop in Kloten. Of course you have a guarantee and a claim for repair services on all children's suitcases.

Children's suitcase with two wheels

For the self-esteem of children , it is important that they have and can carry their own luggage. Children's suitcases for small travelers with two wheels offer the Advantage, that they are very light and agile. When traveling, children discover the world in all its many facets. With a suitcase with two wheels children travel comfortably and flexibly. Such a small children's case is also good as hand luggage and causes no additional charges for air travel. Handy children Suitcases with two wheels can be found both in fabric and in hard shell.

Children's suitcase with four wheels

Children's suitcases between 45 and over 70 centimeters usually have four wheels . Thus, these cases are particularly stable, which is particularly advantageous for longer trips. The suitcase with four wheels is all by itself and your child can occasionally rest. Again, we offer happy colorful suitcases both fabric and hard shell.

Of course you have a guarantee and a requirement for repair services on all children's luggage. Shipping is free on the same day for orders until 16 o'clock. We also offer an optional express delivery with delivery on all Saturdays. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or e-mail and we will be pleased to advise you!